Mosaïek Teatro


The Mosaïek Teatro is a large-capacity venue capable of accommodating approximately 3,000 people.

The venue is equipped with state of the art audio, video and multimedia capabilities and boasts a 278 square meter stage (18,5m x 15m). The seating layout ensures that all the seats have an excellent view of the stage. The auditorium is an impressively elegant vibrant arena of red, green and blue mosaic.

The Mosaïek Teatro has a 278 square meter stage (18,5m x 15m). The rest of the dimensions are as follows: (approximately)
Length: pillar to pillar = 18m; curtain to curtain = 15m & back pillar to front pillar = 5m
Width: front of stage to back pillar = 9-11m
Height: from floor to bottom lights = 5.5m

The Mosaïek Teatro has had numerous successes with its own in-house productions, as well as hosting a number of local and international acts and corporate events. Large scale productions, musical spectaculars and symphony orchestras are but some of the many unforgettable events held here.

Conveniently situated next to the N1 in Roodepoort (to the west of the city of Johannesburg), the premises are easily accessible from the 14th Avenue offramp. Secure parking with access control, ensures that you can enjoy your conference, event or evening out to the fullest. A village-like piazza adds to the enchantment of our venues.

The Teatro at Mosaïek also forms part of the Computicket network. Tickets for events in the Mosaïek Teatro can therefore be booked via Computicket.